What is Digital PR linkbuilding?

What is Digital PR linkbuilding?

Public Relations (PR) linkbuilding is a strategic approach aimed at getting high-quality backlinks to a website through PR campaigns and collaborations. This process involves leveraging PR tools to connect with journalists and content creators who can publish your content or mention your brand, thus creating valuable links that improve SEO performance. Tools such as HARO (Help a Reporter Out), which connects journalists with expert sources, or Featured.com, which offers a platform for businesses to get featured in news stories, are incredibly useful for this purpose. Similarly, Sourcebottle links journalists with sources according to their requirements, and Qwoted helps find media opportunities for experts in various fields. These tools are pivotal for any PR linkbuilding strategy, enabling brands to gain visibility and improve their domain authority through high-quality press mentions and links.

Digital PR linkbuilding - HARO

Help A Reporter Out now Connectively.us

HARO, which stands for Help A Reporter Out, has recently rebranded as Connectively. This service provides a vital link between journalists and sources, offering a mutual benefit where reporters gain access to expert insights and sources get the opportunity to secure valuable media coverage. The platform, now known as Connectively.us, continues to support a large community where users can respond to media queries or submit their own requests for information. This rebranding signifies not just a change in identity but also an evolution in service, reflecting a commitment to broadening the scope of connections and enhancing the user experience for public relations professionals, reporters, and experts looking to elevate their visibility in the industry.

Is HARO good for backlinks?

HARO is indeed an excellent resource for acquiring high-quality backlinks. Its platform connects journalists in need of expert insights with professionals eager to share their knowledge and gain media exposure. For businesses and individuals, this means an opportunity to showcase expertise on a larger stage while securing links from reputable media outlets, which are invaluable for boosting SEO performance. Pitching to journalists through HARO allows for precision-targeted outreach, positioning oneself directly in front of writers searching for specific expertise. This increases the likelihood of providing valuable content that may get published and, in turn, earns high-quality backlinks that lend credibility and a higher domain authority to a website. The key to success with HARO is to tailor pitches that are relevant, concise, and well-written, which will significantly increase the chances of securing backlinks from reputable sources.

How do you use HARO for link building and PR?

Using HARO for link building and PR is a matter of combining timeliness with relevance and expertise. To effectively leverage this tool, it’s essential to first set up an account and set preferences for the types of queries relevant to your industry. Respond promptly to reporter queries that match your expertise, providing clear, concise, and valuable insights to increase the likelihood of being quoted in their piece. Provide a bio with credentials to establish authority and include a relevant link back to your site. Regular contributions that meet journalist needs can lead to repeated exposure, establishing your brand as an authoritative voice in the field, which not only yields valuable backlinks but also elevates your overall PR presence.


In addition to reactive query responses, proactive media pitching is another strategic use of Connectively. This involves monitoring upcoming journalistic opportunities and crafting personalized pitches that highlight your unique perspective or data-driven insights that could benefit their stories. By establishing a consistent routine of proactive engagement, you can build meaningful relationships with journalists. It’s also useful to track the coverage that results from your Connectively connections, allowing you to measure the impact on your link-building efforts and refine your strategy over time.

Who is HARO's competitor?

While HARO (now Connectively) plays a pivotal role in the linkbuilding and PR landscape, some several other platforms and services offer similar opportunities for obtaining media exposure and building relationships with journalists.


  • Featured.com is another platform that helps businesses get noticed by providing the chance to be featured in compelling news stories, which often appeal to a wide array of media outlets.
  • SourceBottle is particularly favored for its user-friendly interface and its ability to connect journalists and bloggers with sources based on detailed requirements and specific industry niches.
  • Qwoted emphasizes its community of experts ready to share timely insights with media professionals, enriching stories with authoritative perspectives.
  • BuzzStream simplifies the process of researching influencers, managing relationships, and conducting outreach that’s personalized and scalable.
  • Muck Rack appeals to many for its comprehensive media database and tracking capabilities, which allow users to find journalists and monitor the news.
  • JustReachOut focuses on helping individuals and companies pitch to media outlets directly without PR firm intermediaries.
  • Twitter holds its own as an unconventional but effective platform where hashtags and direct messaging can serve to connect with media personalities in real time.

Each of these alternatives offers a unique set of tools and opportunities, making them potential complements or substitutes to HARO in certain strategies.

Digital PR, the future of Linkbuilding

Digital PR is revolutionizing link building by seamlessly combining SEO, content marketing, and social media, to forge strong backlinks and a robust online presence. It deftly diverts from the traditional PR track by crafting stories and content that are irresistible to digital platforms, thereby capitalizing on social media’s viral potential and online community influence. More than just accruing backlinks, it builds brand reputation and extends digital reach. In tune with the finer algorithms of search engines that prioritize user engagement, digital PR propels meaningful content to the forefront for both audiences and search systems. With influencer collaborations becoming pivotal, it presents a comprehensive strategy for a brand’s online growth—making digital PR a crucial element for future-proofing in the dynamic world of search engine optimization.

In conclusion, platforms like Connectively (formerly HARO) and its competitors offer potent tools for individuals and businesses strategizing to enhance their digital presence through effective linkbuilding and public relations. By bridging the gap between experts and journalists, they facilitate the creation of high-quality content and backlinks that can significantly boost SEO and establish brands as authorities in their respective industries. The evolution of digital PR stands at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging modern storytelling techniques, social media reach, and the power of influencer marketing. The future of linkbuilding is thus intertwined with innovative PR practices that prioritize engaging content, strategic media relationships, and the nuanced algorithms of online search engines.

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